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When someone starts losing their hearing, it has a big impact on their lives, but it also impacts the lives of those closest to them. Hearing loss affects a vital part of our lives, our interactions with those around us. It can be difficult to watch an active, engaged member of your family change into someone different, especially in social situations. Even simple, everyday situations such as watching TV together can be uncomfortable.

Even though hearing loss makes essential social interactions harder, few people like to talk about it. In fact, it can take years for most people to acknowledge their hearing loss and take action. But dealing with hearing loss does not need to be overwhelming. With your help, it could be a different story for your loved one.

The older we get, the more likely we are to experience a hearing loss. In fact, more than five percent of the world’s population experience some degree of hearing loss.  Experienced hearing aid users agree there is so much to gain by treating hearing loss early, and so much to lose if they wait too long. For example, nerves that are essential for hearing lose their ability to transmit sound to the brain if they are not stimulated. The longer someone waits to get a hearing aid, the longer it will take to hear well again.

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