At Pinnacle Hearing, we believe that when a patient can hear and interact with their loved ones they are restored to full life. We serve our patients by making their lives as full as possible through changing the way people view and manage their hearing loss. We create a sense of comfort and confidence by showing that we understand and are compassionate to all of our patients. Pinnacle Hearing is locally owned and we are proud to serve the hearing health needs of Arkansas residents. Our services at Pinnacle Hearing provide the solution to deliver an optimal quality of life for our patients. 

Our practice’s name, Pinnacle Hearing, is derived from both the local iconic Pinnacle Mountain and the medical term “pinna.” Located five miles west of Little Rock, the 1,011 foot Pinnacle Mountain has become a local icon. The presence of this mountain is clearly visible from much of central Arkansas, making it an easily recognizable geographic feature; much like the ear is a noticeable feature on the head. The word “pinna” is the medical term for the anatomy of the outer ear. This noticeable feature of the ear is the first of many steps in the hearing process, because it funnels sounds to the middle ear system.

Our Core Values

Enhance the quality of life : We help patients and families enjoy a higher quality of life through education, relationship building, and providing the highest level of hearing healthcare in Arkansas. 

Build relationships: We create an environment for our employees and patients that support relationship building. 

Expand education: Throughout the year, we provide learning seminars where potential patients and their families can learn more about hearing loss, our services, and can connect to others in similar situations. These informational programs and screening events help to educate the public about the benefits of audiology services.