offsite hearing screenings

At Pinnacle Hearing, we partner with businesses, non-profits, school districts, municipalities and other organizations to provide employees with access to free hearing screenings at their place of employment. We also attend local health fairs when our schedule allows to perform hearing screenings as an added attraction to these events. Often, we find that patients put off seeking treatment for hearing loss because they don’t realize what they are missing out on. When hearing screenings are offered at places of employment and local health fairs, we find that it helps people accept the condition and take action to correct it.

Hearing screenings typically take 10 minutes per patient. We take a brief case history, perform an otoscopy to make sure the patient is free of ear wax and administer a screener audio on each ear individually. This will reveal whether hearing is normal or signs of hearing loss. If the screening shows signs of hearing loss, further testing will need to be performed to determine the type and extent of hearing loss. To perform these screenings at an employer’s location, a quiet room that can be used to perform testing is required.

Employers who sign up their organization for our offsite hearing screening program will automatically be eligible for our Pinnacle Hearing Health Benefit Plan.                       

If you would like to request Pinnacle Hearing to perform hearing screenings at an upcoming health fair, then please submit your request here.

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