If you think your hearing aids have been damaged, here are some signs:

  • Your hearing aid cuts out during loud noises.
  • The sound fades or comes and goes.
  • Everything you hear is punctuated by static.
  • Sounds are unclear or seem distorted.
  • Your hearing aid completely stops working and then starts again.

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A few tips to clean your hearing aid:

Get the proper tools:  There are special tools to use when cleaning hearing aids, like a wax pick and brush, which are designed to clear wax build-up at the end of the device where sound comes out. Large amounts of earwax can clog the microphone or receiver of a hearing aid, which can then create a static or feedback sound.

Follow a daily routine: It’s also a good idea to apply hair products such as sprays, gels or creams before putting on the hearing device. Additionally, any face washing should be done while the hearing aid is out to avoid any unwanted moisture or product from getting on the device.

Clean your device at the end of the day: It is generally advised to clean the device at the end of the day since it will be removed for several hours. Cleaning wipes with chemicals or alcohol should be avoided when cleaning hearing aids as they could damage the device.

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