hearing aid fittings

Hearing aids can improve communication with family, friends and co-workers, which can help maintain a better quality of life. Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving, such as the use of directional microphones to help you better understand speech in noisy environments. Wearing hearing aids can improve your overall hearing; however, hearing aids do not function like natural ears do because hearing loss is irreversible. Hearing aids come in a variety of options at different price points; the cost of a hearing aid depends on the technology used. Medicare covers hearing testing with a physician’s referral, but Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids. Medicaid, some private insurance carriers and some charitable organizations may help cover the cost of hearing aids.

Studies show that people with hearing loss who use hearing aids often have fewer depressive symptoms, greater social engagement and improved quality of life.

When you purchase a hearing aid from Pinnacle Hearing you will also receive:

     45-day, risk-free trial period

     Real ear measurement verification

     Warranty period and loss damage coverage (deductible may apply)

     Loaner devices if hearing aids ever need to be repaired

     Free hearing aid cleaning and orientation classes

     Maintenance appointments in either four or six month intervals to ensure optimal performance of the hearing aid

Did you know, if a person only wears their hearing aids occasionally, the brain has no idea what to do with all the newly introduced noise and stimuli? This can be overwhelming and cause people to reject their hearing aids saying, “All I hear is noise.” Consistent hearing aid use will help to eliminate this over-stimulation effect and sounds become very normal again.