hearing aid consultations

Did you know the average patient waits seven years before seeking treatment for their hearing loss? How long have you been waiting?

Once your hearing evaluation has been completed, and if you are a hearing aid candidate, our audiologist will discuss which hearing aid is recommended for you. Depending on what type of loss you have, there’s a possibility our doctor will provide you with a demo aid to wear during your consultation. Our doctors will consider the configuration of your hearing loss, your daily communication situations, your lifestyle, and your budget when making a hearing aid recommendation. We recommend you bring your loved one or a friend to the consultation. 

Hearing aid technology has drastically changed in recent years. Hearing aids are now smaller, more comfortable, and easier to use. Below are some realistic expectations for hearing aid consumers:

Expect differing opinions and options. If you choose to seek advice of two or more audiologists, you may get differing opinions about the “best aid” for your hearing loss. There are many excellent hearing aid brands available, technology levels, and different types of circuity. Your audiologist uses your case history information and evaluation results to make the best recommendation for you and your lifestyle. 

Expect a recommendation to purchase two hearing aids if both of your ears are hearing impaired and are “aidable.” There are many benefits to binaural hearing including being better able to understand speech in noisy environments and being better able to localize sound. At Pinnacle Hearing, we can explain the advantages of two aids versus one.