Dr. Mary Chatelain, Audiologist and Founder of Pinnacle Hearing

Dr. Mary headshot.jpg

Dr. Mary Chatelain graduated with her doctoral degree in Audiology from Louisiana Tech University in 2007. She is proud to be the first to receive this degree in the State of Louisiana. Dr. Chatelain is a member of the American Academy of Audiology and the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. She also is a preceptor for the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Audiology Doctoral program where she regularly trains future audiologists and prepares them for their careers in audiology. 

Dr. Mary Chatelain, Au.D., launched Pinnacle Hearing in 2013 with the vision to help Arkansas hear. She believes seeing a patient hear for the first time in years brings so much joy to everyone. Dr. Chatelain is proud that her team continually touches the community in a variety of ways by restoring patients’ hearing. It brings great joy to the staff to impact their patients and their families by reconnecting them through restored hearing. She believes it is an honor that her team is continually chosen to provide hearing services to Arkansans throughout the state. 



When I compare our field to other medical professionals, the field of audiology is relativity new. In college, I was drawn to this field because it intrigued me that audiology began after World War II when servicemen were coming back with hearing loss due to the noise trauma in combat. It seemed like there was so much breakthrough to be made. Although this field is not life or death, it is quality of life.

- Dr. Mary Chatelain